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Join the Sports Team at St. Anthony’s

At St. Anthony’s we offer sports and athletic activities for both boys and girls. We encourage all of our students to join a team sport and to pursue their personal best in whatever they do. We have teacher-coaches who mentor our students in good sportsmanship, athletic techniques, and how to play team and individual sports.

We encourage parents to join our coaching program, and are happy to see so many gifted volunteers in all of our sports. If you are interested in enrolling your children, or becoming a parent volunteer for our year-round sports program, please contact the school office.


Contact Us

St. Anthony Elementary School

855 E. 5th Street
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-432-5946
Fax: 562-435-8606

Catholic Youth Organization Sports

St. Anthony’s sports offered:

  • Co-ed Flag Football (3rd – 8th)
  • Co-ed Cross Country (3rd – 8th)
  • Boys Basketball (2nd – 8th)
  • Girls Basketball (2nd – 8th)
  • Co-ed Track (3rd – 8th)
  • Cheer Team (1st – 8th)

The Boys A-Team Basketball has made it to the playoffs the past 5 years.