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Student Council

Leadership in action – St. Anthony’s Student Council

At St. Anthony Parish School, we strive to provide opportunities in which students are able to develop and exercise their leadership potential. We have a Student Council whose purpose is to teach students through practical application to assume additional responsibilities and to develop leadership qualities. Students participate in planning various activities for the entire school under the direction of the Student Council Moderators.


The goal of Student Council is to:

  • Develop the student’s understanding of the philosophy, goals and objectives of our school
  • Encourage the students to become active members of the school community by accepting various opportunities for personal interaction with peers, staff and parents
  • Assist students to plan and sponsor events and activities that develop leadership and organizational skills

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St. Anthony Elementary School

855 E. 5th Street
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-432-5946
Fax: 562-435-8606

Our 2018-19 Student Council

Christina Ayon
Grade 8

Ivan Lopez
Vice President
Grade 8

Pablo Torres
Grade 5

Victoria White
Grade 5

Isaac Ayon
Religious Affairs
Grade 6

Nicolas Rivera
Sports Commissioner
Grade 7

Collin Ewell
Grade 8

Celeste Barrera
Grade 7

Adrian Aguiba
Class Representative
Grade 8

Brittany Johnson
Class Representative
Grade 7

Jacqueline Vasquez
Class Representative
Grade 6

Christian Hernandez
Class Representative
Grade 5

Emily Luczon
Class Representative
Grade 4

Ms. Christina Baldoni & Mr. Julian Quinones