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Nurturing creativity at St. Anthony’s

The art program at St. Anthony Parish School centers on the individual child. Experiences in art allow children to express themselves successfully while developing skills and concepts that are the basis of art education. We believe that art assists in developing and using higher level critical and creative thinking skills. It helps students to develop and use a unique form of communication and self expression. Art also provides another way for students to experience their own and other cultures. Most importantly art increases learning in all areas of the curriculum, builds self esteem, encourages self reliance and enhances lifelong learning.

We are blessed to be part of Art Trek, which was made possible through a grant we received through the Catholic Education Foundation.  With Art Trek, our students have been able to use different art medias to express themselves. They have learned about art history, academic art vocabulary, and the importance of putting effort into the process and not just the product, and that the exploration and experience they get through the art is more rewarding than perfection.  Our  Art Trek teachers are wonderful and we are very blessed to have them once a month!

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