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Student Learning Expectations

September 16, 2016 by principal

We recently updated our Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) to be more student friendly.

Our goal is for each student to graduate from St. Anthony Parish School and to be a SAINT:


Socially Aware

  • Respect cultural differences and embrace diversity
  • Demonstrate age-appropriate understanding of current events
  • Participate in acts of service and justice

Academically Driven

  • Read, write, and speak with fluency and expression
  • Demonstrate an active role in their own success and growth
  • Ask questions, make observations, and reach logical solutions

Inspired by Faith

  • Actively participate in liturgies, prayers, and sacraments
  • Make moral decisions in their thoughts, words, and actions
  • Live as Jesus did

Nurturing God’s Creation

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Respect and care for the Earth and it’s inhabitants
  • Develop personal strengths and talents

Technologically Responsible

  • Use resources wisely and responsibly
  • Utilize technology to learn and teach others
  • Be a self-directed and independent learner


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