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Study Smarts: Helpful Study Tips

January 13, 2014 by Web-Coordinator

A New Year and new beginnings. Here are some helpful study tips for you and your child to practice this new year.

Start a habit: Encourage your child to treat studying as a daily assignment, not just something he does the evening before a test.  For example, he might study 15 minutes every night for a spelling test on Friday.   After he finishes his regular homework, he can spend a little time reviewing his notes and handouts for other subjects.

“What’s in your backpack?”  Greet your child with this question, and you’ll discover a lot about what she does in class.

  • Set aside time each day to go through their papers.
  • Try to do it first thing after school when their day is fresh in their mind.
  • Look over your child’s work together and help them with tips in case something is not right.
  • Help them feel proud by making a specific comment about something they have done.
  • Have them talk through math problems or other work to show you what they have.



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