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Number of Students   Annual Tuition
1   $4,400
2   $7,645
3   $11,275
Preschool   $6,050

Registration Fees

  • $350 per child. A $100 deposit is required to receive enrollment paperwork and to save your child’s spot in the class. 

Additional Payment Options

  • Payment in full: If you make your tuition payment in full by June 1st, you will receive $150 off your total tuition.
  • Half/Half: You may pay half of your tuition by July 31st and have your balance paid in full by February 28th.
  • Pay In-Office: Office payments may be arranged. If you choose this method you are required to make payments according a schedule agreed upon by both parties. A $25.00 late charge will be applied each time a payment is missed without prior authorization.
  • Pay via SchoolSpeak: Parents are able to pay for tuition and fees through our Student Information System: SchoolSpeak. Once your child is enrolled, you will receive a link to our SchoolSpeak web portal. This allows you to check your child’s grades, communicate with the teacher, pay fees online, and much more!

In addition each family is required to:

  1. Work 30 mandatory hours. Any hours not completed by May 31st will be billed at the rate of $35 per hour). Click here for ways to fulfill your hours.
  2. Raise funds. A “net income” of $400.00 contribution per family. This obligation is met through participation in designated fundraisers, activities or monthly payments. $100 should be given in contributions to the Sunday Sales program. Each family is obligated to sell $50.00 of raffle tickets for the holiday raffle and $50.00 for the spring raffle per child to meet part of the fundraising commitment. Unmet raffle ticket obligations will be charged to your account.  All fundraising commitments are to be completed by June 1st.


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Welcome all Students!

We believe that all children deserve a good-quality education and the opportunity to excel in life. If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling a student at St. Anthony Parish, please call the school office and make an appointment! Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited scholarships are available to those who qualify.