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Staff & Faculty

Ms. Allison Kargas

Mrs. Norma Hendle
Pre-School Director

Ms. Kristina Garcia
Pre-School  Lead Teacher

Mrs. Claudia Trujillo 
Pre-School Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Carmen Gonzalez
Pre-School Assistant Teacher

Ms. Rosie Ramirez
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Angela Ramos
First Grade Teacher, Yearbook

Ms. Zonia Dueñas
Second Grade Teacher, STEP Coordinator

Ms. Christina Baldoni
Third Grade Teacher,  Student Council

Mrs. Caryn Case
Fourth Grade Teacher, VIRTUS Coordinator

Ms. Renee Smith
Fifth Grade Teacher, STEP Coordinator

Mr. Robert Velasco
Sixth Grade Teacher, Junior High Math, Music K-8

Mrs. Pearl Rodgers
Seventh Grade Teacher, Reading, Language Arts

Mr. Julian Quinones
Eighth Grade Teacher, Religion, Social Studies, Religion Coordinator, Student Council

Mr. Gerardo Velasco
Junior High Science, Crafts and Vocations

Mrs. Elizabeth PettePiece “Bubbe”
Crafts and Vocations

Sra. Laura Ochoa
Spanish Instruction





Father George Aguilera

Mrs. Anita Corona
Front Office

Mrs. Denise Mejia
Business Manager

 Mr. Jerome Brouard
Facilities & Maintenance

Coach Ken Naranjo
Physical Education, Yard Supervision

Mrs. Maria Quezada
Day Care, Classroom Aide, Food Service

Ms. Rose Taosoga
Day Care, Classroom Aide, Yard Supervision

Ms. Carina Quezada
Day Care

Ms. Yessenia Nuñez
Day Care